• 09:18 thinks that its a weird day. The weather can’t decide; sun this minute; dark clouds and mizzle the next… #weather #
  • 09:58 : one more, large, step forward… #CSS #
  • 09:59 RT See weed and eat it! @nationaltrust NT wardens trapped on the Farne Islands for 14 days… now having to eat seaweed! bit.ly/2zVPv #
  • 11:18 can’t understand why if I change a #css declaration for an h2 class, the h3 on the page changes. The page looks right though?!! #
  • 11:45 : yes, I did just do the I-fixed-the-niggling-problem dance in the office. I don’t care. It was bugging me, and I fixed it. I deserve it 😉 #
  • 11:49 deserves a satsuma. Yes, yes he does… #
  • 16:44 : my new Law site is now live ssl.brookes.ac.uk/law/ #

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