~ Woke up to a good half foot of snow laid deep and crisp and even all around. Our drug overlord neighbours had some difficulty driving through the snow and got stuck, and Emma persuaded me to go out and help, which I did. What a grumpy sod he thought I was. I did let him borrow my spade to dig his way out but he wasn’t appreciative and didn’t say thank you. Whilst I was outside one of our other neighbours returned from trying to go to work. Just reinforced the decision I took yesterday that today was a day for working from home.

~ Waved Emma off into the snow after breakfast as she went to work. I went and fed the chickens and the bunnies who were not sure about the snow.

~ I logged onto my work webmail and sent an email to Win to turn my computer on and then set about trying the fantastic, and free LogMeIn website to gain access to my computer. It worked and I was able to turn my home computer into my work computer with all the access to programmes, network drives, local drives as I would normally. Freaky!

~ As it happened they quickly closed all non-essential buildings and staff. They never said what constituted non-essential but I kind of figured that that was probably me. I went for an explore around the block on a quest for cat litter. I had to go to the Coop in the end, but then got caught in a blizzard on the way home.