• 08:42:00: : There is no such thing as too many books. Just not enough bookcases via @ratsinabag @EbonyMcKenna
  • 15:48:45: is pickling beans… #harvest2010
  • 16:05:20: RT @ndw Very small margin for error http://yfrog.com/j1fxcj
  • 20:09:47: : who’da thought that a bit of baked marrow and some pork mince could taste so darn good. Thank you Nigel Slater! omnomnom #gorgeousfood
  • 20:11:49: : desk made out of books ~ what a splendid idea… http://su.pr/6UDCrY
  • 21:46:57: wants to know why I’m so tired. My eyes are heavy> I think I need to go up to bedfordshire…

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