• 10:43 still amused by the placard seen yesterday amongst the student fees march in Trafalgar Square: ‘Free European transport’ – wrong demo? #
  • 11:52 Vote: Friday Song 7 – Bangtail Feathers for Friday Song of The Year 2010! t.co/yW6ZavW Email jack@jackfm.co.uk to vote… #
  • 11:55 would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to @EmmaEShepherd! 85% in her latest module! Go Emma, go Emma! #
  • 14:16 : interesting and balanced article from former LibDem MP @DrEvanHarris on the tuition fees debate in the Guardian bit.ly/gL2oct #
  • 16:13 is experienceing the (geeky) thrill of hitting DELETE to an entire website. Will anyone notice in the interim? #websites #geeky #
  • 16:17 …nope, no one’s noticed. Next question, will anyone notice its any different now its back? #websites #geeky #
  • 22:28 : so Emma gets to go up to bed, and I have to stay up to take the cake out of the oven…?!? #

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