I woke up this morning to the most blazing of red skies in the mornings, shepherd’s warnings of sunrises. Against a snowy Blissford, it was beautiful and I snatched up my camera to try and get some impression of it. I failed.

In some ways, the day after Christmas Day (for this year, it is not actually, Boxing Day, whatever the Radio Times says) is all the more enjoyable. There are still presents to look at and good food and good company to enjoy, and it is still a day for lazing into snuggliness.

Whilst Ian and Andy and the boys went for a walk with the dogs, Emma and I made our way up the road, pursued by a pack of donkeys intent on having more sprouts, to visit Chas aka at Brook Farm. We had a full guided tour of the new look house including his son’s bedrooms which he wasn’t shy about letting us see even his son’s were still in bed.

In the afternoon, Ian and Andy went to visit one of Andy’s relatives and the rest of us were on duty to entertain the children. We helped Ben assemble his lego Buzz Lightyear and played with their wooden toy towns…

…and all too soon it was time to pack the car and head back off home.