• 23:06 is still disturbed by hearing on R4’s PM this evening, that Murdoch was now vulnerable… and naked. That’s not an image that I needed. #
  • 23:08 hopes that Rebekah Brooks does cling to her job. More chance that her and Murdoch’s eventual demise will be all the bloodier… #
  • 23:09 wonders, now, if Murdoch is considering a Maxwell-style escape route from the tangled little web he’s weaved…? #
  • 16:01 doesn’t often do #ff’s but 3 authors that I think you should get to know: @LuisaPlaja, @MHarrison13 and @rhi_lassiter #
  • 21:57 never thought I’d see my brother @ianshepherd in a music video dressed in a tin foil dress in a bubble t.co/WAmQcyZ @imogenheap #

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