• 13:57 I’m 25486th on The Sunday Times Social List. Find out what you’re worth in the world of social networking. t.co/cUuG5MA #stsl #
  • 14:09 really should get round to putting those PDF brochures live for @nickyanderton #
  • 15:10 poses the Friday question (for writers out there): Have you ever *killed* someone, whom you don’t like in real life, in a story? #writing #
  • 15:30 would like to remind anyone complaining about the weather: it’s August bank holiday weekend, what did you relly expect? #
  • 16:15 has, finally, got my brochures loaded up onto the new website… #webdesign #naggingthings #
  • 18:49 finds it hard to believe that there appears to be a bananna shortage. What’s going on? @ocadouk #

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