~ a quiet, slow start to today after Lucy’s Christmas carol party last night. Okay, so carols are not that hard to play, but I think this weekend has taught me that what I lack most of all when it comes to my playing is the confidence. I guess that’s the same problem that I’ve had in so many areas of my life. Anyway, I really enjoyed playing carols yesterday, both with the rest of Abingdon Concert Band, and as solo accompaniment to Lucy’s piano and her friends singing.

~ we made the most of the weather today, heading out into the cold, clear midwinter’s day to clean out the bunnies and the chickens, who were very soggy.

~ after the late breakfast we decided to forgo lunch and have a late Sunday roast beef dinner in the mid-afternoon. So I did a bit of preliminary preparations for the meal, before setting to rearranging the study. The study has got a bit out of control of late – no longer the comfortably full room of books to study and work in – but the dumping ground for everything we haven’t sorted out. I still need to tackle long overdue filing and purge some of the unnecessary junk, but it is now reorganised into such a way that both Emma and I could sit at our respective desks at the same time, and the newly-acquired, free, desktop computer can be set up and used.

~ dinner was, although later than planned, yummy. Beautiful meat and veggies with gravy of just one oxo cube and the meat juices. The only slight disappointment was the roast potatoes, which, having been in the oven a bit too long were a little on the charcoal/carcinogenic side of done.