~ Today I headed down to Oxford to collect the replacement TV – venturing out before the rain but in the wind on a roads that were already getting very busy. At first, Comet didn’t know anything about it, and then had to go and find it out on the shop floor! What the? The organisation of this store is woefullly awful! Getting the TV home and setting it up was straight forward and it is a fatastic picture, but woe, the sound, so tinny!! It makes my old TV which didn’t have the absolute best sound seem like the very best! That said apparently all the small LCD TVs – and even the bigger one’s – have pretty naffish sound. Have improved things though with some computer/walkman speakers which make it okay.

~ Collected the turkey. John The Butcher was a bit of a bah humbug being rushed over his feet, but jollied up when Emma gave him the bottle of beer we had got him as a Christmas present. Then went on into Bicester to get our weekly veg, and to give Hayley and Spence some chocolate as a present for all the leaves.

~ After lunch we set to an afternoon of baking. Emma made sausage rolls and I made cheese straws for the Bicester Vets secret santa party this evening…

~ Then I decorated the cake, possibly going a little OTT with a snowman as well as Father Christmas, and three outsized robins (or albatrosses) and a couple of silver giant redwoods! Still, if you can’t go OTT on a Christmas cake, when can you?

~ Next, remember that chocolate and brandy mixture from the other day, I finished them off…