~ This weekend has been a weekend of birthdaying. Yesterday we went Ros’ open afternoon of birthday tea, and got to meet her and Nick’s gorgeous new daughter Sophie. We don’t see Ros and Nick (and James and Sophie) nearly so often as much as we should be but I feel very glad and blessed to have them as friends.

~ Today, after a good spell in the garden, cleaning out the animals, we headed over to the inlaws for Helen’s Nick’s 40th Birthday dinner.

~ Yesterday evening, after getting back from Ros’ I attempted some telephone support to my Mum who has been attempting to lay out a book in Blurb.com. Normally I feel quite comfortable with this kind of telephone support, but I don’t feel that I was much use. I didn’t have the actual book in front of me, and I was using it on a PC whilst my mum was doing it on her Mac, but apparently I was helpful.

~ I’ve been working through ideas for the website for Shepline Words. When I get the eBooks ready for launch on Amazon, I’m going to have a website and a Facebook ready to back up the marketing plan…

~ The holiday plans are proceeding. We’ve discovered that its going to be cheapest to build the holiday ourselves. Spending Reykjavik time staying with family, we should be able to rent a 4×4 car (to allow us to get into the Highlands), and stay in guesthouses/farms around the country. It’s fun researching these things!