So, disappointingly, after the gloriousness of the snow and sunshine of yesterday, today was altogether a greyer day. Still, that was probably a good thing as it made doing jobs a bit easier to bear. Emma headed off early to work, and then, after a leisurely breakfast with the Sunday paper I headed out into the garden to clean out and defrost the bunnies and the chickens. After that I headed into Bicester to buy our Valentine’s Day meal from M&S – their £20 meal deal which looks scrummy-yummy! Emma had taken Ronnie into work with her this morning so picked him up when I went home.

After a spot of lunch, I then set about cleaning the house together with doing a spot of cleaning up of Emma’s laptop (my Mum’s old one) to make it faster. After all of that and a bit of washing, there was just time to get the the lamb hot pot in the oven ready for when Emma got back from work.

So, a busy if productive Sunday…