RL_uk_pb2Runelight by Joanne Harris

This is the follow-up to  Runemarks and picks up the story three years on from the conclusion of that story.

It’s a big book, and a big story with a large cat of characters made all the larger by them having several different names each depending on which of the nine worlds they are currently in and which Aspect they are inhabiting. This can at times make the story a little hard to keep track of but it’s worth sticking with.

For myself, some of the best parts are those that are set in World Above, in Malbry or Worlds End, but the rollercoaster rides of Dream are also fun. If there is one thing that makes me come back to this story time after time, then that is the way that Joanne Harris paints and plays with the Norse mythology. I simply love the bickering Gods each with their own motives and secrets. It’s wonderful.

Like the first book, this story is complete but there are stands of story left at the end of this, each of which are another story waiting to be told.

Edited to add: In a fine example of auto-correct fail on my tablet, I originally, inadvertently type “worth drinking with”. I only noticed this when Joanne Harris tweeted me herself to tell me so and that “may be the best compliment I’ve EVER had… :-)”. I’ve corrected it now, but it should be worth noting that Maddie, Loki, One-Eye and the rest would definitely be worth drinking with! 🙂