Okay, I know it’s actually only the 2 November, not the true date for a Guy Fawks celebration! We don’t tend to go to the fireworks every year, but the Bicester town one’s always put on a good show and are cheaper than some around. When we headed out to meet up with Charmain and Kerry, and Lucy and Luke this evening, it was into one of the day’s showers and a very blustery wind.

The wind and the rain did cause some trouble for the guys lighting the bonfire, but the rain cleared for the display itself which was fantastic, with a good soundtrack of music. Very festive…

After the fireworks we decamped to The Swan, via a shortcut through the graveyard for a quick drink before finding our table at Pizza Express for a very nice, not completely unhealthy, but very off-Slimming World meal. The tomato and mozzarella salad that that I had for starters was yummy in the extreme, but then it was, I think, a whole mozzarella! Both Emma and I had the low calorie pizzas with a whole in the middle for a salad, and finished it up with a raspberry sorbet.

Good friends, good laughs; an excellent evening. :-)