I’m on holiday! Oh yeah! 😀

It’s been a long ol’ week, and not just because of the second 10-hour day at work, but its over now, and I’ve even got an old office chair I was able to take home with me in order to fulfill the requirements of the homework setup…


I’ve also now applied for my bus pass. Work offer an interest-free loan system so that the cost of the annual season ticket – a MegaRider Gold Plus with Oxford SmartZone – is spread out across the year and taken monthly directly from my salary. Hopefully it should arrive sometime next week when I’m on holiday, ready for my final week’s work of the year.

I’m still coming to terms with the not being able to drive the car (which I am still the policy holder on my insurance for but not a named driver on!), but I am also kind of looking forward to the adventure. I should be able to further smash my reading targets for the next year, and hey, my climate footprint will be going down. Who knows, it could be fun… (well until I’m standing in the rain and the dark at a lonely bus stop…)