At the beginning of 2013 I reset my perennial new year’s resolution to read more, and resolved once more to try and read 20 books this year.  Today I can report that I have smashed my target, ground my previous average over many years into the dust, and read an incredible 39 books! That’s 195% of my target! I love reading. 🙂

Okay, so some of them are short picture books, and one might be my own work in progress (but I read it as a first-read novel…) but I think there’s a good mix of fiction and non-fiction, adult and children’s, and fantasy to other books in there. What I particularly like is there are some good re-reads in there. In previous year’s I would have been cautious of re-reading because of the need/time to read so many ‘new’ books.

So why have succeeded this year when in previous years’ I haven’t? I put it down to the acquisition at the back-end of last year of my Kindle Fire tablet, and the banishment of the laptop (and thus much distraction) upstairs to the study. I’ve read variously and voraciously from paper books and ebooks, dovetailing it with my own writing. For reading, this year has been a good one.

Tomorrow, I shall set my reading challenge for year ahead. Hopefully it will be more of the same.