11296703Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by 

I’ve always loved stories of fairies, elves, and the hidden people, but in truth whenever I think of them I imagine them living a simpler, more rural, rustic way of life tucked away out of sight of the 21st century. But why shouldn’t they have the same (or greater) Tech than we do. And that is the central conceit behind the Artemis Fowl books.

Even so, where I love the fairies the most is when we get to see how ordinary and recognisable features of our landscape are revealed to be the cover for their cities or arterial routes – not when they are racing around the sci-fi world.

In some respects this book, the second in the series, falls down because of that. Artemis himself is still a bit of an anti-hero sorting out the after effects of book oneand the story is a rollercoaster of ideas against a simple – possibly too simple – story of an attempt to rescue a lost father.

It’s an enjoyable romp nonetheless.