17995518The Vanity of Small Differences by Grayson Perry

Until recently I didn’t really no much about the Grayson Perry, except that he was a transvestite potter who had won the Turner Prize. His recent presentation of the BBC Reith Lectures opened up but his work as an artist in me but my interest in the Reith Lectures (neither of which I had really exposed myself too, before).

When we visited Birmingham last Saturday it was to go and look at the tapestries featured in this book (as well visiting the new, and excellent, Public Library), and seeing the six large, and incredibly detailed tapestries depicting the rise and fall of the fictional anti-hero Tim Rakewell and our response to class and taste that comes of that, it prompted me to buy this book and find out more.

Next up I want to watch the DVD of the Channel 4 documentary to see what inspired Perry to make the tapestries.