Emma and I have just got back from a very nice day at Cogges Manor Farm, celebrating the wedding of two very good friends, Lucy and Luke. From the detailed, hand-illustrated, invitations we always knew that the day was going to somewhat different. Probably the best way of describing it is to record here a copy of the poem that I was inspired to write for their memory box. I know that neither would mind me including it here…

Congratulations Lucy, and Luke!

Lucy and Luke: a farm wedding

and the farm gate opens
Lucy arrives, on her Dad’s arm
to walk the lines of family and friends
to greet her Luke.
The wedding begins.

Prosecco and canapes on the lawn.
The bride and groom mingle
with friends and family
Pigmy goates, Indian runner ducks,
and Shetland ponies.
It’s important to watch your step
if you wander too far
across cobbles, and grass, and yard.

At the barn,
issued with kazoos, and instructions
and find our seats on straw bales.
We are taught our parts
and Lucy processes in
the wedding march
on kazoo.
It was going to be a wedding
so different, so unique
so Lucy; so Luke.
The readings, read
you wrote.
So different, so funny
so Luke; so Lucy.
The rings were delivered, or not
from the wings of a barn owl.
Wind In The Willows,
I want to re-read it now.
Harp and voice,
beautiful accompaniment
to a beautiful, talented couple.

What next?
You walk out, man and wife
to a kazoo orchestra—
the Great Escape.

Photographs on the lawn,
with friends, and family,
owls and goats.
Lucy and Luke
you do things different.

A special day,
a special couple.


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