23425295Alexandra Fry Private Eye Tutankhamun’s Gift by Angella Graff

This is the sequel to Angella Graff’s wonderful adventure-thriller, Alexandra Fry: the Curse of the Lion’s Heart, a story that introduced us to our teenage heroine who can see ghosts, battles villains in Indiana Jones-style, and solves crimes like a private eye.

There’s a twist, as all good books in this genre have, but whereas the first book was what I would call a ‘little book’ – one that is self-contained, and a rollercoaster of adventure that invites you to read it all in one day – this is longer and more leisurely both in actual, physical length and in story with a quest that is by our lead character’s own admission important but not urgent.

The relationship that built in the first book between Alexandra and her new friends Penelope and Jack are developed and tested as she she herself matures.

Where this book possibly lacks something is rather than being a self-contained story, this story is going somewhere. It’s no bad thing though: the first two Harry Potter books were pretty much self-contained stories, but then wham, from book three we end up on a longer, more deadly story arc. I suspect that something similar might be going to happen to Alexandra Fry, Private Eye.

And I, for one, am going going to enjoy finding out what that story might be…