The outcome of the European Referendum on 23 June last year was a shock for me as it was for just about half of the population of my country. I am a child of the European Union. The United Kingdom joined in the year that I was born and I grew up with optimism that it gave us. I saw things get better.

As I was becoming aware of politics and current affairs, communism was coming to an end around Europe (not forgetting the events – albeit eventually tragic – in Tiananmen Square), and the Berlin Wall fell. Borders openened up, and their was the promise of a single currency. As things turned out, I think we were probably right to stay out of what became the Euro at that time, but I remembered back then having enthusiasm for the ECU. I remember applying for an arts grant for my writing which would have been paid in Euros.

Back then the world was changing and I genuinely think the better. Today, with the triggering of Article 50 and the knowledge that in two years, come waht may, we will be leaving the EU, the world is scary and uncertain place…

Today seemed to be an appropriate time to rewatch a classic from that time of optimism and hope for a future europe. It’s poignant and beautiful and I love it. Keep playing this Song for the Unification of Europe and hope, because hope is all we have.