(upon a novel)

The journey to the north.

  • Ben’s orignal plans were to find somewhere to stay over in Akureyri when he gets there.
  • Hanna knows someone – school friend, now living/studying at Hölar. She contacts him – they are let off the bus on the ringroad – hitch up to the Fish/Ag School
  • stay the night in one of the classrooms – ghosts – breakfast – morning dip in the pool.
  • friend’s colleague is driving to Akureyri so they get a lift – to catch a local bus service up to Mývatn.

– ghosts? there are stories of ghosts who walk the corridors of the schools at night. I could also have ghosts/echoes of Helen there a month earlier with her conservation group – weave into Ben’s *now* story some of Helen’s *back* story…