from siren_songs, by way of jordaaner – and oddly too, many answers didn’t need changing.

1. As a kid, I missed the chance to: have friends who I could call up and meet with at a moments notice
2. As a kid, I lacked: co-ordination, sporting ability
3. As a kid, I could have used: more close contact with people my own age
4. As a kid, I dreamed of being: a writer or a film-maker (or both)
5. As a kid, I wanted a: girlfriend (but it never seemed to happen – I guess it will one day…?)
6. In my house, we never had enough: time. That’s not too say we didn’t not do things, just that we had so many interests, more time would have been good 😉
7. As a kid, I needed more: confidence, support
8. I am sorry that I will never again see: those days (the whole package) again
9. I beat myself up for the loss of: nothing. One skill I *do* have – I never regret anything.
10. I have a loyal friend in: my family, and now I think, a few more…
11. What I like about my town is: I have a nice house, a nice garden, and it’s MINE – I can be me in it, and it’s convenient for the moment.
12. I think I have nice: manners 😉
13. I am taking a greater interest in: music, at least in a more organised sort of a way. I’ve negletted the joys of classical music for way to long.
14. I believe I am getting better at: this whole living biz. But I could be wrong 😉
15. My inner artist has started paying [more] attention to: um…?!!!
16. My self-care is: eager and optimistic.
17. I feel more: (you can change that colon into a full stop.)
18. Possibly, my creativity is: increasing; however I prefer to deal with certainties.