Last year, I pledged to journal more in these pages – to document my life in a more substantive way than on the various forms of social media that I make use of. For a while, it worked and I enjoyed it… And then I missed a day, and another, and then the routine was broken.

Tonight is the last day of a 24-day holiday, and whilst I have read lots it took until New Year’s Eve last night that I actually wrote anything more than a few short sentences. Tonight I’ve written some more and taken The Imaginary Wife to the final section. Now I just need to keep up this momentum, and I will be able to launch my third book at the fourth Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival in April, at which I am due to appear.

I’m going to also try and keep up the routine of writing in these pages – of journaling my life. This is for me, but if you would like to read them also and draw pleasure from reading about my various creativity endeavours then please do. Subscribe if you like. I’m going to be writing, and editing, but I also greatly enjoyed getting back to my art during Inktober so I intend to do more of that to. And I want to attempt to do an illustration for the cover of the new book and will be documenting my attempts here. Should be fun getting back to my gouache paints!

Now, I’m off to look up a bit of Fairy Queen research and Thomas the Rhymer/Tam Lin ballads for that final showdown…