Tess: Dont you have a book to write?
Thomas: I do.
Tess: Or as my dad would have said, “Dont you have homework to do?”
Thomas: I was hoping that some of your *enlightment* might seep down the broadband pipe…
Tess: Well, you’re welcome to pose problems at me
Tess: I’ll go “hmm” and you’ll suddenly see the answer.
Thomas: Well it’s the troll council you see…
Thomas: …they’ve noticed a *shift* in their world, something in our world is putting theirs out of kilter.
Tess: ah yes
Tess: Is this like an Entmoot?
Thomas: In truth it’s the pathetic capitalist scientists building the Magmatic Alcoa Plant that’s breaking apart the bridge – the bifrost
Thomas: but I can’t reveal that here, in chapter two.
Thomas: so they have to think it’s something else.
Thomas: They inlist Helen to do something in her world that will help them
Thomas: and in return they will send her home
Thomas: but what do they need her do, and what do they think it will do/stop doing?
Thomas: ggrrrr
Tess: ooh
Tess: in return they’ll send her home? Sounds a little weak…
Tess: Could they have specifically called her ?
Tess: Wouldnt she help just because it’s right?
Thomas: Well it was Gangleri that sent her there.
Tess: hmm
Thomas: He is the God Odin, forced to walk the human world for eternity, but wants to be master of his old kingdom – he needs things from both worlds
Tess: Well how are a bunch of meddling kids going to find out about this plant, and what can they do about it exactly?
Thomas: now you’re asking
Thomas: ooh, hang on…
Thomas: Gangleri knows about the plant
Thomas: well, everyone knows about the plant but he knows what they are *actually* doing with it…
Thomas: …everyone else just thinks it a regular plant
Tess: So is this an adventure story? meddling kids sneak into evil plant and find out secrets, then get caught/escape etc?
Thomas: He’s been in the mountains trying to find out more
Thomas: He gets Helen to help him stop the building of the plant supposably because he’s an environmentalist.
Thomas: It’s later that Helen discovers that he is himself this powerful God who wants to rule his domain again.
Thomas: Helen et al. switch alledgance to help the trolls who are the true guardians of nature.
Tess: Riiiight, so presumably these ancient powers dont really understand modern technology and dont know what the scientists are doing?
Tess: Is that Helen’s role? To infiltrate the evil plant and find out what’s going on?
Thomas: They just know that *man* is meddling in nature (what *man* doesn’t understand) again
Thomas: This is going to sound really bad…
Thomas: …but I hadn’t really got that far.
Thomas: I know how chapter 6 (last chapter) ends – comes round in a beautiful circle of story…
Tess: Annoying when ya cant fill in the gaps isnt it.
Thomas: Hang on…
Thomas: For Gangleri to regain his former power he needs the capitalists to succeed so far – but at the right time he needs someone to put a stop to it.
Thomas: Yes – Gangleri needs access to the Bifrost.
Thomas: He can’t do it himself, but in building the plant and destroying the bridge/Bifrost there will be opening when he can get through.
Tess: So what is it that Helen can do with the trolls help that Ganglieri needs to happen?
Thomas: That’s a good question to ask me, Tess.
Thomas: Is this too simple?
Thomas: coming now…
Tess: too simple? not at all
Thomas: Gangleri knows that the trolls will be concerned by threat to their world but won’t understand it, so he needs Helen to get their trust, so that she can learn to come and go from the world at will.
Thomas: When the time comes, Helen will be able to find the opening to the Bifrost and let Gangleri in.
Thomas: That’s what I was referring to.
Tess: Golly, sounds just like Tara and Dewer 🙂
Thomas: Err… is that good?
Tess: heh

Edit: If anyone feels like reading this stream of consciousness and can précis what I’ve come up with, I’d be interested in what you’ve made of it…?