I guess it all started yesterday. At 8pm I rolled up at Jo’s birthday party – as I’d predicted to myself I was the first to arrive – which is good for me, because I find it easier mix with people if I arrive when there’s a few people there and others are introduced gradually, rather than arriving and there already being loads of people to meet. It was good to see tinyjo and oxfordslacker again, and to meet cleanskies for the first time. After promising myself I would only stay till eleven it was actually midnight (I got to hear the pips on radio 4) as I left, and so the night was a little shorter than planned…

…and so to Sunday. Driving to Princes Risborough I caught the train to Marylebone and made my way to the awe-inspiring Earth from the Air exhibition outside the Natural History Museum – it’s been extended to Easter/May so catch it if you can – it’s well worth it.

I then found my way back to Victoria and onto the Dorking train, alighting at Balham to be picked up by soulsong to visit her new BedZed pad and collect her old wireless router that I was going to have. A bit of God TV(??) and a documentary about the Vatican on the Discovery Chanel, and enjoyable pasta meal later, and it was time bid my farewell, and make my way back across London, and on to Bicester (via Princes Risborough