Are the scenes that come after the dramatic, the tumultuous, always some of the hardest to write? Somehow you have to claw your way back from the edge, and recapture some of the energy and passion that got you to that place. In my case this has meant coming down off the high peak of exhileration and mellow in the calm of the day that follows last night’s storm. I think I’m managing it, but it is strangely more exhausting than the exhileration of last night…

Current wordcount: 35,016

Other news: My £11.41 hinge arrived from Hoover today (hey, I get all the exciting packages at work!), so nipped to Homebase after work to purchase a set of allen keys (spelling?) and have fixed the door back on washing machine. Woo-yay! I can wear clean clothes again! I have also cleaned the house, and digitalised loads more music more my new geeky toy (iRiver).