Took a break from chapter three tonight to watch the first three episodes of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller – just how good is that series? It’s incredible, breathtaking, inspiring. It makes you want to write, to tell stories, to be a storyteller, sitting by the fire…

I love it!

Current wordcount: 36,296

Ben stands on the cracked and puddle filled forecourt outside of the bus station. Alone, he looks on at his sister received again into the family embrace. He watches, feeling the isolation, as he notices his father observe him narrowly from across Helen’s shoulder. In his mind he pre-empts the criticism that he knows will follow.

Hanna brings one of their rucksacks up to him, and lays it down next to him. She looks from her cousin, across at Helen, now in her mother’s embrace. She glances again at Ben, and nudges him kindly, stroking his arm, before going back for the other bags. There’s a standpoint between Ben and his father, and one, which neither of them can cross.

Laughing and joking, and reunition cuts into the quiet, Helen has found her friend’s Hannah and Alice – surprised that they are still in Iceland, relieved that she has not missed the end of holiday parting.

Guðni takes some steps towards his son, and Ben moves to meet him. The greeting is staid and difficult, revealed first in an uneasy handshake, then a tentative hug. Guðni does not mention Ben’s rash actions in taking off after Helen but even so, Ben can feel the tension that that has generated. He makes his excuse and moves to help Hanna load the rucksacks into the back of the car.