Yup. It’s May. Which means my birfdy must be approaching. What’s more it’s a Saturday – Saturday 22 May (don’t worry I’m not saying this to ferrit out cards and pressies and the like ‘cos if you really wanted to do that you could have found out this easy enough in my userinfo!)

However my parents have decided to go off to Cardiff to see some other friends and go to the opera that weekend (I’m doing the family thing the weekend after) and so I’m thinking that I should do something to celebrate. Something involving friends. And an idea has just emerged in my mind. What about a *pancake social*? I provide the pancake mixture, other people bring contributions for use as fillings (sweet and savoury) we all pitch in to make the pancakes and have fun consuming them.

What do you think? Nothings fixed at the moment, but of course all my friends are invited… but does it sound like a good idea?