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Whilst lj continues to be reasonably okay speed-wise I will try and get up to date with what all my lovely friends have been doing over the past two weeks, but gee you don’t make it easy for a boy to catch up. I had to twiddle and tweek my S2 style to get the Next and Previous functions working properly so that I go back how many entries…??!!!

If I don’t know something that you think I should know, bear with me, or shout it again ‘cos it might take me a while to catch up… *grins*


Meanwhile, I have replaced the window catches here in Cypress Gardens – something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and had the catches to do so, but was forced into it now when one of them broke.


Printing thumbnails of all my photos, so as note down which one’s I want to get printed. Jessops currently have an store promotion on 50 digital prints for £6.99 which sounds good value. ^__^