Tonight, we were back with the female nude of our first lesson, and this foot is, I think, one of my greatest achievments of this week. There were considerably less of us here this week – and I’m not sure why, and yet strangely we all kept politely in a row down one side of the room.


First though, a ten minute pose, and for me it just all went to pieces. I could scarcely believe how bad I had suddenly become…


Next up, was the pose wherein I sketched that foot, and another reasonable one which showed me improving again, although as you will see I am having difficulties with proportions – the legs being good, and the torso being good, but… the legs and the torso not being so good…



…and thus we arrive at the quick-fire two minute sketches. Better than in week one, I wonder if I am getting a better idea of the human form…




After a break during which we talked amongst each other and with Jane, our tutor, about each other’s sketches we are given instruction in measuring and then let loose on on a ¾ hour pose. Finally, some semblance of proportion has entered my drawing and that right arm and the hand on the end of it is pretty damn fine!