New Year was a quiet affair this year – just me, me Mum and me Dad, Barney (dog), and Bramble and Pepper (cats) – and to be honest, that’s the way I like it. ^__^ I’ve never really been one for the big parties and I don’t drink (a lot) so I’m not keen on the big boozie celebrations. So it was good. We stayed up till midnight reading books, playing scrabble and watching dvds, rounding off with the Bongs of Big Ben at midnight (curtacy of Radio 4), and a firework show in the garden (c/o of are neighbours and surrounding villages).

Today, we were up early, to drive all the way to Cambridge to go a-visiting my brother, his wife, and err… my new nephew. He’s getting quite big now … and smiley. He seemed to like the book I gave him… *grins*


They also seemed to like the picture I gave them, which is good. So now, one day down, we have the rest of 2005 spead out before us like an open book … and an unwritten one at that.

Happy New Year One And All!!!