Thinking back to this time last year, I think I’ve done pretty well. My main to new years resolutions were:

x To do what I want to do (or rather to not do what I don’t want to do), and:
x To be tolerant of all people and all things.

As regards the former, yes, I have listened to other people and taken and followed their advice, but I have followed my own instincts more, and I think that, without being selfish, I have more or less succeeded in this aim. I shall carry forward the ideal to next year and try and tinker round the edges to be be better at this or better at that element of it.

As the Tolerance? As far as it is humanly possible I’ve given it a good shot. Certainly I think I’m better at it than others, not so good with some things as others. This I’m sure is something to be be worked at next year too.

…and so to little things.

x I would like to read more. I don’t read as enough as I would like. Over the last week I’ve read a whole book and dipped into others. This is sadly not usual. Once I return to *normality* after the hiatus of Christmas holidays there will be more things pressing on my time, but I must try. I must try and read more.

x I want to finish Blood & Fire and submit it to some publishers/agents. It’s sitting on the cusp of halfway – and I failed in a previous target to finish chapter three by the end of last year.

x I want to play my flute better. And I’m sure I will. My progress has slowed recently but is still on the upward – this must continue.

x I want to be a good friend to my friends. This makes me happy.

x I want to make new friends. Making new friends also makes me happy. You can’t have enough friends.