Under my old split-divisional ECQC role I was given Ecological Entomology to caretaker, and this week the printed copies of my first issue arrived on my desk – I don’t think anyone will notice the slight mistake – the Original Articles hsould have been ordered by first author, and err… they are … kind of. At least they are ordered by first author forename … err … mainly. They were ordered according to how they were logged into to JPS and a couple of corresponding author’s hadn’t been moved out of first place. Still, Kim didn’t seem to worried about it, especially as our Editor approved the running order.

Anyway, this aside, under my sole science divison ecqc role, I have more journals to put through online production, and there shall be a progressive role out of my new Linn Soc journals towards my official start date. Louise thought it best that we hand back my caretaker role of EEN to the team whence it came…

…imagine the surprise to both of us when we discover that it has been handed over to me! And they don’t want it back! Which leaves the poor little baby, imminently on the route to Singapore printing come 13 June. EEN was something additional to my current role. Doubtless all will become clear eventually, and I don’t mind that it’s been handed to me – after that’s what I wanted – but it would have been nice to have been told that that had happened.