My first full day at my new desk. I began the day by taking a few minutes to make my sun-filled space with pictures, arranging things just like I like them. As I work on, I find it quiet, but I do not find it too isolating. It’s nice. It’s nice not to have the constant distractions of the Snotmaiden opposite. Part of me misses the office chat that happened within ‘Medical Division’ who used to sit behind me, but I realise, possibly for the first time how bad it was for me. I’m a naturally friendly person, and I used to like joining in with their office banter. I now realise that the crux of my asperger’s – the difficulty understanding verbal and visual cues – was not helping me in this. As long as I do not allow the Thomas within to get lost in this new, quieter environment, I think this might be good for me.