It’s been a funny ol’ weekend.

After the pace of development I experienced last week with my novel writing, I was hoping that this weekend could bring big things. Friday night, barely brought more than 300 new words. veeb already knows my problem with Fridays. Friday night, its not schoolnight. There’s nothing on tele, it should open fourth as a vessel in which to pour pages and pages of words. I think this, every week, and yet, every week I am left come bedtime (or even past bedtime) with this feeling of disappointment.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, yeah okay so the weather has been gorgeous and has enticed me outside to walk and read, but even so you would have thought that the ample time on offer two days out of seven would have allowed me to write still more than I did during the week. Apparently not. Yesterday I didn’t even make 200 words.

Still, it’s been a bit better today, and tonight I have somewhat of a resurgence. It’s not great, but the story is coming again. The words are coming again…

Current wordcount: 65,548
Current pagecount: 238

…and I’m not done yet!