Pepper was not a happy pusscat when I got in from work. He was lying on the sofa, seemingly blissfully asleep, but when approached, meowing, and defensive and deffinitely not comfortable. And of course by the time I was able to do anything about it, it was into the hours of the emergency vet. Aborting myself from wind band tonight, I drove him, after scooping up and into his travel carrier with oven-gloves, down to the 24-hour vet on Botley Road, Oxford.

It seems that his right shoulder is very swollen, and the skin, beneath his fur red. There are also what looks like tiny flecks of blood where you wouldn’t normally see it in the normal course of stroking him. The vet thinks that he’s either disolocated his shoulder, or (more likely) been bitten by another cat. She dosed him up on anti-inflamatories and pain-killers and I have take him to my vet tomorrow afternoon, evening, for a follow up.

Back home, he seems to be more comfortable now, and he will let me stroke him again. I just want him to be fully better again.