When I got home from work today (coincidentally after stopping off at the vet to pick up more food, and arranging with Kathy over the way to come in over the weekend whilst I am away), I discoverd Pepper, curled up and not in the best of moods on tthe top step of the stairs. Fearing that he might have been bitten again, even though he was not in obviously as much discomfort and pain as before, I phoned my vet. By the skin of my teeth I managed to get in to see my normal vet in vet’s hours rather than having to go for emergency hours. Poor Pepper has been in another fight, and been bitten and scratched.

He’s dosed up with anti-inflamatories and has another course of antibiotics, but what’s worse is that his heart murmur which apparently was a 3 back in August is now a 4 – and the vet thinks that part of his discomfort now might actually be do with his heart. He’s recommending the scan, and posible x-ray (which will be betwen £75 and £120 and then a likely £16 a month in treatment thereafter.

I now need to find out more about what what will happen if I do nothing compared to if I go for treatment, more importantly what Pepper’s quality of life will be in each case. I fear that there might be tough decisions ahead of me.

When I do have young kittens, I will definitely be getting them insured.