The nice man from ParcelForce did the exchange today in the postroom at work. I handed over the faulty Digifusion box, and in return, I got my Folio Society Books and my nice new Humax PVR9200T. Tonight I got it home, plugged it in, switched it on, and within seconds it had found a multitude of channels, most of which I will probably never even realise are there, never mind watch. I have test recorded it, and it’s all working correctly, is fast, and the menus are intuitive to my poor ol’ brain… 🙂

Incidentally, it comes with a USB connection to hook up to my PC, so if any of You see something on a digital tv station and can’t receive, let me know, ‘cos I have two tuners so unless you are talking Sunday’s at 9pm I am likely to be able to record it for you, and burn it off onto a dvd as an MPEG file. Just let me know! (cloud_less, anything you want to watch on BBC3?)