I try not to watch the utter crap that is Big Brother (and let’s face it, whether you watch it, or not, it is), however it has occurred to that I would love a writer to go into that house and then use the ‘Diary Room’ in a way that no one has used it before. Seeings as they can’t take pen and paper into the house it would be fun if a writer would use the Diary Room to ‘write’ a novel – just go in there for hours at a time and speak there novel into the camera…

…and then I had a thought.

The Writers’ Room, a new ten week Channel 4 series which sees 12 writers locked in a house, and having to write a novel. In the house/garden they workshop there ideas, and in ‘The Study’ they ‘write’ their stories into the camera. It would probably be mostly new writers although it might be fun to throw in some established novelists, and you could have a mix of poets and screenwriters in there too. Each week viewers would be able to vote out the writers who’s story interests them the least.

Of course, it’s an absolute certainly that most of what is produced in the Writers’ Room will be utter drivel, but the ‘exciting’ thing would be the prospect that maybe, just maybe, you might get a genuine classic out of it. And it goes without saying that you will have a plethora of spinoff merchandise in the form of all of these books to sell at the end of it. The winner could get a book deal. We could even get ther Dermot chap to present Writers’ Room: Sub-Editor… *grins*

So, how does one go about pitching a new reality tv programme to Channel 4 bosses?

Oh, and before you ‘de-friend’ me for lowering myself to the level of tabloid tv, I will of course use the millions in royalties for good. I shall become an alchemist to turn crap into gold.