Those of you who have read, or at least have a passing familiarity with, my current (and third) full-length novel, Blood & Fire will know that, faced with the need for Helen to have some non-family-friends, two characters from a previous story of mine walked on out of those pages and into these. These two characters came in the guise of a pair of feisty gals by the name of Hannah Ball and Alice Cartwright.

Their back story can be found in the pages of a 1999-penned filmscript The Mill, set on a week-long NT Acorn Camp, and based largely on a holiday that I was part of at the end of July that year. Until yesterday I had always assumed that the story existed only as a film script, with maybe the half-hearted attempt of computer files that was me converting it into a novel. It seems not. It seems that my memory escapes me and that I did actually complete the story as full-length young adult/crossover novel.

Today, whilst scanning negatives from my 2001, Novel-Inspiring-First-Trip to Iceland (trying to capture some much needed inspiration to continue/complete this current novel; I have also been playing around with some fancy CSS to get a printed novel look to web pages.

I am succeeding with both these projects, although the inspiration for the third still currently alludes me. So, although it’s not formally released (ie. there are no links to it on my website) I can present to you, in, I hope a very readable form, chapter one of my novel, The Mill

( read it )

And what do you think? I was actually pleasently surprised re-reading it. There are obviously a few bits to be tweaked to avoid dating it to precisely to the millennium year – but it seems to hold up quite well. Yes? No? You decide… 🙂