My newly bought Piccolo arrived today, in a small Special Delivery package. All day it sat on my desk and taunted me. I, of course, had to open it up and put it together, and finger the keys, and I so wanted to play it – to stand in the middle of the open plan office and play. I restrained myself from doing this, but I still wanted to. I tried it out as soon as I got it home. Secondhand it may be, bought from ebay too, but it seems to be good. And I can play it too – well at least I can play Leroy Anderson’s The Typewriter.

It’s going to be fun at band with the four flutes (two of who also with piccolos), mixing it up, ducking in and out of who’s playing which part. 😉

In the 10 minutes that passed between my bid becoming the highest bid and above the reserve met, I had fluctuating feelings of whether I was doing the right thing, but yes, yes I did; yes I have. I love my piccolo… 😉