It’s a curious thing that there does definitely seem to be a correlation between the more time you have to do something and the less that you actually achieve. So it is, that with a whole weekend spread out before me with acres of time at my disposal to write (as was the case this last weekend), that I only get to write as the weekend is evening. Again tonight, tired from an overly busy day at work, and with the evening crowded with a bit of tele I wanted to watch a bit of wind band website maintenance, diinner making and eating, and a few phonecalls, I still manage to write as much as I did in the whole weekend.

No doubt this next weekend, when I go away for the weekend, there is a good prospect that I shall write disproportionally lots. It’s just weird – and I don’t really think I will ever understand why it is so.

Oh, and by the way, anyone who bet on me not finishing my novel by birthday, is looking like they might have been right! 😉