1. I left work today with everything I arrived at work with, but including the kitchen sink. Yes, after last week’s tap delivery, I now all that I need for my new kitchen – err, that should be new kitchen sink – to be fitted on Friday.

2. Am re-reading Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones. It’s a perennial favourite of mine, and one that inspires me to write. Which is what I need, right now to get me back into the final 5000 words of Blood & Fire.

3. Currently watching Channel 4’s Viking Boatrace between Oxford and Cambridge, which is interesting in a history/entertainment kind of way. Yes, hist-ertainment would probably describe it very well.

4. My holiday is finally over, it seems, now that I have finished posting the jaunt up in my travelogues section. And of course no more excuses for not getting on with my novel…

5. …well at least, not except for the entertainment of Bella and Arthur. They’re excuse enough 😉