I was on fire last night! In excess of 1000 words written, and smashed through the six figure mark – I have just started work on the penultimate chapter. Plus, I’ve just discovered another important detail as to how it all works! 🙂

Of course, success was nicely mirrored by a scene of devastation equal only to a volcano erupting or of jökulhaup proportions, when, upon coming downstairs this morning I discover that Bella and/or Arthur – I don’t know which – had attempted to scale the bookshelves and bought two of them crashing down on top of my computer and my plants and desk and…

As I left for work I *thought* that my computer was alright, and The Novel is safe though as is on memory stick. The cats too are completely unscathed by the experience – little tykes, don’t you just love ’em… *grins*

Still, it will make a good chapter in my autobiography! 😉