1. An odd day. Very heavy rain greeted an even darker than usual morning – so dark, so wet, that I failed to see the ocean sized puddle out the back of the house as I ran across to get in my car. Splosh! Got into work no problem and settled down to another day in front of the computer, only to have all hopes of working die an hour or so later as five hundred or so computers and an air-conditioning unit powered off in unison as the entire business park was plunged into an electrical no mans land. So I read a book. That’s not so bad. Pretty good day at the office all things considering. The power did come back on eventually although it takes time for a dozen or more IT staff to jump start countless servers and systems, and even they couldn’t figure out how to get Sentry working again (and the boys that do were off on their departmental away day.

2. Then, even though I left on time, there was some hold up on the M40 which resulted in a 10 mile tailback all the way down the A34 to Oxford, and there was bus/car accident down on the Abingdon Road that together with some broken traffic lights on the ringroad was snarling up that direction, and the back way out through Woodeaton was flooded … so I decided to brave the single lane of trafic to the roadworks at the Headington Roundabout … it took me 1 hour and ten minutes to get to the roundabout, and another half hour to get back to Bicester. Not really the best of days. Still it’s Friday, and I’ve got the weekend to look forward to.

3. And then shocking events in The Archers as Ruth, having realised that she was wrong about David, now admits to the odious Sam that she loves him. Oh. My. God…