1. Last night was the work, ‘Las Vegas’ themed Christmas party, and although I say so myself, I think it was probably one of our best. Lots of people, all having a good time, Elvis back in the building, a vodka ice sculpture for those that drink, and a chocolate fountain for the chocoholics amongst us. There was even a casino – or be it for pretend money – which was kind of fun. I’m no good at Black Jack, but I did kind of okay on the roulette table. Not entirely sure what I was doing, I pushed chips around the table and found a consistent winning streak on four numbers butting onto ’22’ (or my birthday) 🙂 and ended up with 50 chips, by which time I got board of it, and bet them all on the same number and lost the lot! 😉

2. Christmas Party also gave me the opportunity to meet up with Kerry and Jen, who I used to work with, which was good. It’s no secret that they were by far, though not exclusively, some of the nicest people from the old Content Management. It’s good to get back in contact with people…

3. Woke up, not too late, after a late night last night, to the third, cold, crisp and sunny December Saturday (every Saturday has been a good one this month so far). This one was the first this month that I didn’t disappear down to Millets Farm to play carols, so I headed into Bicester instead to buy marzipan and my last Christmas present, a bit of fruit and and the Christmas Radio Times. Whilst picking up some wrapping paper and bows off a market stall, I listened to some carols being played by Bicester Concert Band, with it’s eight flutes!! And I thought Abingdon had lots…?!!

4. Marzipanned the Christmas Cake this afternoon, and cooked a good meal of spaghetti bolognaise. 😉

5. Been thinking about my novel. Must get back to that revision process tomorrow…