1. This morning, upon coming downstairs I found the little Icelandic warrior removed from the second shelf above the desk, and in the armchair. Upon replacing him to his shelf I discovered that my Nutcracker soldier was also missing, but I could not find him anywhere. Tonight I found the Icelandic warrior again in the armchair. He is now at the back of the third shelf above my desk. There is still no sign of my nutcracker soldier. I have had th settee out, the desk, the Hi-fi unit, but to no avail. What have Bella and Arthur done with him? The baggages!

2. Applied for a new job on the fish4jobs site. It’s a Multimedia designer for an ‘education-related’ company in Cambridge. The agency guy emailed me back, he would like to talk to me on the phone. I am now scared because although I don’t really have any ties to any part of the country, I am also not sure that I am ready to move away from Oxfordshire completely.

3. Hrmm, maybe I was wrong yesterday. I think perhaps my arbitrarily decided end to chapter three might be about right. It’s funny, this writing business…

4. I have finished revising chapter three of Blood & Fire and posted it to CritiqueCircle. Sadly though, it looks as if I am too late for the next week’s crititiquing and will have to wait till after Christmas for my feedback… :-\