I give up and trying to keep count of the various plans we’ve had, but I think that, if the first two were Plans A and B, then we must be up to around S or T by now.

First, Ian and Andy and Ben were for Christmas. Then they weren’t. So my parents and I were to have Christmas on our own (which we did), and go to the Andrews’ on Boxing Day. Then Ian & Co. turned up so we didn’t go to Andrews’ (which they were both happy and sad about). Then today we were to be joined by the Howell Family and various offspring (but no Ian & Co.) but today we found out that Carys was ill so they wouldn’t be coming, but Ian & Co. were here. We were also supposed to be going to an Afghani friend of my Dad’s on Friday, and eat lots and lots and lots because that is what you do there, but now we’re not. Now we find that the Howells are coming tomorrow – all of them – and Ian & Co will still be here. I ought to get a prize by the end of the holidays for being the only consistent and reliable thing around here, well with the exception of Santa Claus and the fog (and even the latter can’t be relied upon as we had moments of sunshine today!).

In other news, chapters three and four of my novel have gone into their review period at CC, and I am just three pages away from finishing chapter five. There is a real possibility that I will finish revising part one by the end of the holidays!