1. Bit of a giggle today. The Observer had my stars for next year printed. What can I make of this then…?

21 May-20 Jun

‘Don’t Fence Me In’, a song written by a Gemini (Cole Porter), makes a good theme tune for Twins, most of whom boast an unnerving ability to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ simultaneously and sometimes seem to actually bi-locate.

The first challenge of 2007, however, is to stop spreading yourself so thinly and choose from your ever-expanding range of interests. This isn’t a matter of closing down – au contraire, the emphasis on your horoscope’s career sector in the first half of the year lends a radical flavour to professional plans. If you are involved in the digital realm – the media, internet, technology – so much the better.

You do, however, have to prioritise. Put crudely, Saturn in your third house asks you to speak less but say more – the same theme dominated 2006. By narrowing your options, you’ll be ready for the more demanding work phase that kicks in after September.

One-on-one relationships – anything from tennis partners to marriage – are fortuitously starred all year. Jupiter, the planet that spells opportunity, can widen your social circle or introduce you to a wealthy lover, though for existing relationships the ‘don’t fence me in’ mantra may prove resonant. Cut your other half some slack – they will take it anyway.

Pluto, the planet that’s pitched many Geminis into power struggles during its 10-year passage through your opposite sign, is preparing to move on (cue cries of ‘Hurrah’), though not before tweaking birthdays between 19-21 June. If you find yourself in conflict, try not to resort to underhand methods or cling to what needs to be jettisoned.

Pluto aside, Geminis are clear of the year’s planetary snarl-ups. The summer months, when Venus drags her heels, look especially promising for jolly gatherings sipping lemonade on the lawn. Anyone for tennis?

2. Still only had the one CC crit from the ever faithful aurora_floyd. I was hoping that cutting the wordcount in half might bring on some new crits, but it seems not… 🙁

3. Struggling with chapter six. It’s the first chapter that really isn’t working in it’s current form, but trying to figure out what to keep and what to lose is proving difficult. I keep on getting ideas, and going to try them out, and then sitting in front of the keyboard idly doing nothing more than getting hot legs from the laptop.

4. It’s a real Dark Is Rising day today. Gloomy, grey skies, and wet underfoot with wind howling round bare and twisted trees.

5. It’s New Year’s Eve, so I guess I should think of some resolutions…