Blanked out last night. I was in the middle of posting yesterday’s entry when I came over a bit woozy, almost sick-like. I went to the kitchen sink but I needed to sit down, put my head between my knees so I grabbed a bowl and went upstairs and sat on the loo, clutching the bowl beneath my mouth, not that I was really feeling sick any more but my head was buzzing, thickly, loudly, and then felt myself leaning hard against the wall. I opened my eyes, and I was on the floor and the bowl was halfway across the room, and my head, still buzzing ebbing out of intensity.

Although I don’t remember how I fell from toilet to floor, I know that it was only a matter of seconds that I was out for. I also know what might have caused it. I was hot, there had been a lowish light in the lounge, and my left eye had been hurting all day. I think I must’ve had a bit of grit in it and some point and scratched it, and bruised around it. I’d been bathing it all day with optrex and I could see fine but it did hurt – and that kind of combination of circumstances do sometimes bring out these reactions.